A Cancer Survivor Wins an Award For His Work in the Fight Against Bullying

Phil Thibault, ambassador to the new generation of professional speakers, has won the Mérite Estrien for his work in his community.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada, December 3, 2013 — Bullying is a reality students are faced with every day. Thanks to the efforts of many, however, various key players are coming together to make a difference, like Mr. Phil Thibault, who has become one of the most prominent voices in the fight against bullying. A survivor in every sense of the way, this 30 year-old Montreal native is no stranger to “tough times”. Having been bullied in high school and diagnosed with testicular cancer at age 26, he uses his unique past and experience to help as well as to inspire others. Now a favourite among Quebec’s students, he’s become a symbol in the fight against intimidation, homophobia and intolerance. As many have said it before, he’s the real deal.

The key to this young man’s success is simple: he makes his audience laugh. Through his genuine story telling, he delivers a powerful message that takes us on an emotional journey, leaving us profoundly moved and aware of the true impacts, challenges and hardships of bullying. But above all else, he empowers us in becoming better role models and leaders.

Mr. Thibault can hardly believe the overwhelming response he is getting from his work. “Someone’s telling me to keep it up; I guess I’m doing something right”, he says with a smile. “Wonderful things are happening… all this from a simple desire to help”, he admits, humbly. And judging from what we’ve seen him do in four months, one can’t begin to imagine what he will have accomplished in one year.

Phil is an ambitious young man. He provides a wide array of specially adapted services to fill the needs of the population. Highly in demand in Quebec’s school system, Mr. Thibault works tirelessly on spreading his positive message; “all I want is to show people that no matter what the past looks like, we can all be happy.” And whether in private or on stage, he serves as a great example of perseverance, which makes him the obvious choice for his award.

Phil Thibault’s philosophy is all about hope. His decision to talk publicly about his hardships comes from his desire to turn the darkness of his past into a beacon of light for others. “I wanted to play my part as a human being and focus on helping others”, he explains with passion. “It’s what’s guided me in life; I figured I’d make a career out of it.”