Public speaker Phil Thibault at the center of a worldwide documentary

Phil Thibault’s bullying-prevention initiative is turning heads and getting prime attention from Euronews, one of the world’s biggest news channels

Montreal, Canada, January 6, 2015 — 2015 has arrived, and it comes with a promising wind of opportunity for Phil Thibault. His initiative on bullying-prevention has caught the eye of Euronews and is now the object of a news report airing in 155 countries and 13 different languages. And if that wasn’t enough, the viewership for the report is expected to be at around 400 million.
This documentary is only the tip of the iceberg. Not only is Mr. Thibault getting prime attention from Euronews, one of the planet’s greatest media giants, but he’s also been chosen as the upscale men’s lifestyle brand Le Papillon’s ( January 2015 Man of the Month (Twitter: #manofthemonth). I think people are showing a growing interest in my work because it is genuine, says the young man. Although my main goal is for audiences to focus on my message, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t happy that people are showing interest in the person behind it, he humbly admits.
All it takes is a visit to Mr. Thibault’s Facebook page or to his website to see that this young man isn’t going unnoticed. The Montreal-based speaker has a growing fan base of over 2,375 followers online. Plus, he’s spoken to tens of thousands of students and parents in over one hundred schools since September 2013. These numbers don’t lie: my seminars have a real, palpable impact on people, he explains. It’s why I was invited to Qatar to discuss my work. What Mr. Thibault is referring to is his recent trip to Doha to attend the Qatar Foundation’s prestigious education summit in November 2014. It was an eye-opening trip as to the worldwide impact of bullying. Let’s just say it gave my work interesting perspective, explains Mr. Thibault as he reaffirms his dedication to his community and makes us look forward to what 2015 will bring to his initiative. We simply hope people will listen.
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