Public speaker Phil Thibault releases the first series of dates for his 2014-2015 tour

Phil Thibault, ambassador to the new generation of professional speakers, has announced his dates for the first leg of his anti-bullying seminar tour.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada, August 25, 2014 — With back to class dawning upon students, schools are getting ready to carry out their bullying prevention plan. Unfortunately, prevention isn’t as simple as it used to be; kids are becoming saturated with hearing about intimidation. That’s where Phil Thibault comes in with his fresh, innovative way to approach the subject, having released on his website earlier the first series of dates for his 2014-2015 tour.

These dates are already generating a lot of buzz; Mr. Thibault’s popularity is rapidly increasing amongst students, parents and teachers all over Quebec as he’s found a way to inform audiences of every age and background about bullying in a surprisingly entertaining way. But above all else, the young speaker’s most impressing feat is that he’s become a genuine source of inspiration for youngsters with a message that simply encourages them to care about each other.

Having visited over 50 English and French schools all over the province in 2013-2014 alone, Mr. Thibault is making 2014-2015 about parents and adults. Although still reaching out to students, the young man’s approach is now geared towards the parent’s perspective. “What matters most is that we all work on the same level”, explains the speaker. “Helping parents understand their children’s reality means allowing them to react more efficiently.”

A cancer survivor and bullying victim himself, Phil Thibault is an ambitious young man; the award-winning speaker is currently working on new projects that will increase the quality of his services. “There is a growing need for prevention and I am focusing on finding ways that will truly address it”, he adds. “The response to what I’ve achieved so far has been so overwhelming that it makes me want to work even harder at being part of the solution.”