For businesses and universities

Our corporate seminars are for adults. They last between 30 and 60 minutes.

Our service comes in a “tailor-made” format; each presentation is unique, crafted to address the client’s specific needs. For each mandate, we sit & consult with the client and offer various types of lectures and presentations.

Our presentations are usually required for motivation, inspiration and education purposes. They are both funny and serious, a balance that has made our reputation.

When speaking, my approach is simple: I talk about what I know. Therefore, by revisiting certain parts of my past or by taking from my experience in the corporate world, I am able to offer an experience that exceeds every expectation.

On a personal note, I admit having failed in life. However, ironically, these failures and the perseverance needed to overcome them are what made my talks such a success; I strongly believe that perseverance is the key to any accomplishments and that’s what I aim at offering to the corporate and higher-education world. And given the results, I believe to have made the right choice.

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January 2018

January 18
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February 2018

February 22
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